Man Compares Life In Noida High Rise Societies To Dystopian Dream; Sparks Twitter Debate

by Tooba Shaikh
Man Compares Life In Noida High Rise Societies To Dystopian Dream; Sparks Twitter Debate

City life can get a bit overwhelming. With socioeconomic inequalities, pollution, and the stress of office jobs, not everyone is a fan of city living and for more than valid reasons. Twitter is a unique platform where topics with even the tiniest scope of disagreement will be debated. Recently, a Twitter user took to the micro-blogging website to express an opinion that many people deemed controversial. And just like always, it grew into a huge Twitter debate.

Twitter Debate: User Compares Life In Noida High Rise To Dystopia

In a recent tweet thread, a user talked about how, to him, life in a high-rise society in Noida is very much like a dystopian fever dream. Explaining why he feels the way he does, he says that security is extremely high at all times.

The user even goes as far as saying that getting entry into these societies is almost as difficult as getting an appointment for a visa. He also goes on to say that these societies are inaccessible unless you own a vehicle. This highlights how extremely vehicle-dependent people in the area have to be.

Not only would this be unhealthy in the long run for the people living here, but it is also extremely harmful to the environment. He also highlighted the blatant income and class inequality in the society where the daughter of the house help is forced to run around with rich toddlers.

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Drive-Thru Culture Normalised

The tweet thread also went on to talk about how the drive-thru culture is extremely normalised in the area. He spoke of how it is routine for people to sit inside their cars while the worker from the food truck makes multiple trips to the car just to do simple tasks like taking orders and delivering food.

Furthermore, these cars lined up near the food truck create inconvenience for other vehicles to pass. This series of tweets sparked an Internet debate where one side agreed with the tweets while the other side highlighted that things like security are essential. Some people even said that once you get used to such a life, you start seeing the benefits.

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Do you agree with the tweet thread? Why or why not? Let us know down below!

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