Man Holds Placard Saying ‘Looking For 2BHK’ During An IPL Match; Netizens Relate

by Tooba Shaikh
Man Holds Placard Saying ‘Looking For 2BHK’ During An IPL Match; Netizens Relate

A man holding a funny placard during an IPL match in Bengaluru has gone viral. If you’re from Bengaluru, you know that there’s an ongoing housing crisis going on in the city. It is extremely difficult to find rental housing in the city at a reasonable price. Due to the rapid urbanisation of the city and growing job opportunities, many people are moving to Bengaluru. But the housing facility in the city has proven to be inadequate.

Man Holds A Funny Placard During IPL Match

Sports matches are filled with fans carrying a plethora of placards professing their love and fidelity to their preferred teams and the players in them. However, during a recent IPL match, a fan carried a placard that made Netizens roar with laughter and then nod their heads in agreement.

Twitter user Atin Bose posted a picture of himself along with a friend carrying a placard that said ‘Looking for 2BHK in Indiranagar.’ This wry sign depicts the current predicament of many presently residing in the silicon valley of India.

There is an ongoing housing crisis in the city and it isn’t easy to find rental apartments in Bengaluru. Due to growth in opportunities, many people are migrating to the city and increasing the demand for apartments. This means that owing to the high demand for rental apartments, landlords have jacked up the prices.

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Tweet Goes Viral As Netizens Relate

To those living in Bengaluru, Atin’s sign hit a little too close to home, pun intended. As many Bangaloreans have struggled to find apartments, people related to Atin’s desperation that forced him to take such drastic measures.

Many people responded in kind when they came across the tweet and sympathised with his struggles. The tweet was sent out on the 16th of April and since then, it has managed to garner more than 112 thousand views.

The photograph is hilariously captioned saying that they could’ve asked the famous cricket player Virat Kohli to marry him but they have their priorities right. Many tweeple wished Atin luck on his journey and hoped that he would find a place to live in soon.

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Are you one of the people struggling to find housing in Bangalore? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @BoseAtin/Twitter