Man Makes Way To Toilet By Climbing Berths In A Crowded Train; Spider-Man Into The Train-verse!

by Shreya Rathod
Man Makes Way To Toilet By Climbing Berths In A Crowded Train; Spider-Man Into The Train-verse!

India is one of the most populous countries in the world and you can witness it everywhere! From standing in queues to travelling by public transport, you will find a huge crowd almost everywhere. In fact, Indian railways are the most crowded ones! A recent video went viral on Twitter where you can see a man trying to reach the toilet by passing a crowded aisle of the train coach; take a look!

Man Tries To Reach Toilet By Climbing On Berths In A Train!

The general coaches of Indian railways are usually jam-packed. However, during holidays, travelling in these coaches is something you don’t want to experience! And this video shared by Abhijeet Dipke on Twitter explains why. It starts with a man climbing on berths in order to cross the crowded aisle of the train coach.

In the tweet, he explains that he got the video from his cousin who was travelling by train and the person in the video is his friend. Further, he also thanked the Railway Ministry for transforming train journeys into an adventure sport!

He revealed to The Indian Express that his cousin, who was making a trip from Aurangabad to Mumbai on May 6, took the video while on the Devagiri Express. The video was recorded around 2 am and featured his cousin’s friend.

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The man is seen moving from one berth to another to get to the bathroom while the aisle was occupied by passengers who were seated on the floor.

Twitterati React To This Tweet

Twitter users have written some hilarious comments below this tweet. One of the users commented that it looks like the Railway Ministry’s favourite adventure sport is to watch people use the toilet on a moving train. He further stated that he can’t wait for the Olympic event “Squat and Sprint”.

Another person commented that the situation of Indian railways is pathetic as it is unsuitable for the elderly, children and people with special abilities.

This is not the first time that any person is facing these issues as many people find Indian railways as a cheaper alternative.

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Cover image Courtesy: Abhijeet Dipke/ Twitter