Man Posing As Staff Of Abu Dhabi Royal Family Cons Leela Hotel, Delhi; Leaves With Unpaid Bills Worth AED 112267

by Deeplata Garde
Man Posing As Staff Of Abu Dhabi Royal Family Cons Leela Hotel, Delhi; Leaves With Unpaid Bills Worth AED 112267

Delhi has a surging rate of crimes reported every day.  Leela Palace Hotel Group in the Indian Capital city faced plight. A man posing as a staff member of the UAE’s royal family fled the hotel with unpaid bills of a huge sum. The case has been registered and the police are on the hunt for this con man called MD Sharif. Check how much loss the Leela Palace Hotel faced due to this man.

Bounced Cheque, Robbery Of Silverware And More Looted

The man identified as MD Sharif posed a working member of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family. He assured his position at the Office of Sheikh Falah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a royal member of Abu Dhabi. The man stayed at a five-star hotel in Delhi for four months under the guise of working for the Abu Dhabi royal family. He ran up a bill of AED 103299 before leaving.

MD Sharif, who was charged with fraud and theft after the management of the Leela Palace Hotel filed a complaint on Saturday, is being sought by the Delhi Police.

On August 1st, Sharif entered the Leela Palace and discreetly left on November 20th. The hotel staff alleges that he stole a number of goods from the room, including a pearl tray and silverware.

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Faked His Visit To India As Business Trip

He claimed to have worked closely with the Sheikh and to be in India on business. To support his claims, he even presented a business card, a residency permit for the UAE, and other papers. He frequently discussed his lifestyle in the UAE with the hotel personnel in an effort to promote his tale.

These documents are being examined by the police because they may be false. Police in Delhi is looking through CCTV footage to find the man.

Over the course of his four-month stay, the cost of the hotel and services came to AED 157210.98. He gave AED 51647 and then went without giving the balance. On the day he left the hotel, he handed the staff a check for AED 89822 that was dated November 20.

It seems like it was a pre-planned case of scam and police are trying to find out if the man has any prior con story.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Leela Palace Hotel Delhi