Man Sells Samsung & OPPO Mud-Filled Power Banks On Train; Netizens Say, “Savdhaan Rahe, Satark Rahiye”

A vendor was recorded selling fake power banks on a train.

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Sells Samsung & OPPO Mud-Filled Power Banks On Train; Netizens Say, “Savdhaan Rahe, Satark Rahiye”

Have you watched celebrities’ ‘What’s In My Bag’ videos? If we try to record and show what we usually pack in our daily-use bags, one of the common things will be a charged power bank. This portable device is a major help, especially for students and employees commuting long distances every day. Recently, a man was enjoying a train journey and was about to buy a power bank from a local vendor on that train. He was shocked to find power banks filled with mud. Read on to know how he discovered the truth and what happened later.

Traveller Caught A Vendor Selling Fake Mud-Filled Power Banks

Sankott (@Iamsankot) shared the video of the surprising incident of a vendor selling fake portable chargers.

The viral X post shows the vendor displaying a few power banks to a passenger travelling on a train. He claimed that all chargers were from Samsung, OPPO, and Vivo brands and had a warranty period as well. The seller asked ₹500 for a Samsung power bank. Vivo and OPPO ones cost ₹550 each. After bargaining, he agreed to sell each for ₹300.

The passenger was a bit unsure about the portable chargers and decided to open one of them. Though the devices were working, he found mud stuffed inside a power bank. The vendor got startled and tried to stop the traveller from recording his video.

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X Users Are Surprised

The viral video of this vendor trying to sell fake power banks on trains has surprised everyone. Fortunately, not a lot of people have become victims of this scam yet. Unfortunately, some have fallen into this trap and they shared their reactions under this X post. Netizens are calling this business a scam and added how usually a gang of people work together at stations to conduct such frauds.

This video is a major example of not believing in everything we see and checking well before purchasing things from random places. Here’s how X users are reacting to the incident.

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Have you faced any similar experiences after buying products on a train? If yes, let us know about the incident.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Sankott (@Iamsankot), X/ Karansom (@memeslife007_)

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