Man Shares An Important Life Lesson He Learnt From A Samosa Seller In Udaipur & It’s So Inspiring

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Man Shares An Important Life Lesson He Learnt From A Samosa Seller In Udaipur & It’s So Inspiring

Who doesn’t love street food, especially during the rain? Nothing can match the combination of rain and hot snacks. A Twitter user too went to savour some street food but came back with a completely life-changing and inspiring life lesson from the vendor. The vendor, an old man, sells samosa and poha on the street of Udaipur, but he gave out the most inspiring work message we all need to hear. 

A Samosa Seller In Udaipur Shares An Inspiring Life Lesson

A Twitter user Aaraynsh on a rainy day was driving in Udaipur when he parked his car near a circle. He spotted an old man on the street selling hot samosas and poha. He placed his order for the snacks and, out of curiosity, asked Uncle the reason behind his not taking a leave on such a rainy day. 

His answer will surely blow your mind, just like the Twitter user’s. The old man answered that, at this age, he was not here to earn money. I work here to make my heart happy. He feels better sitting here than sitting alone at home. He loves seeing people smile as they savour these snacks made by him. 

His words touched the Twitter user so much that he decided to share it on his account so that everyone could hear this important life lesson. 

Netizens Shower Love In The Comments

He posted a picture of the old man with his lines in Hindi on Twitter. The tweet posted by @aaraynsh has by far received 1.3 million views and 16.5K likes. 

Twitter users could not stop themselves from reacting to the tweet about this inspiring old man from Udaipur. 

Netizens showered endless love on the old man and his super inspiring life lesson. They also thanked the Twitter user for sharing this important message with everyone. Some also spoke about the most amazing food combination during the rains: samosa and chutney!

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Cover Image Courtesy: @aaryansh/Twitter