Man Shares How His Uber-Taxi Rider Is An Ex-Google Employee Out To Explore Bangalore

by Sanjana Shenoy
Man Shares How His Uber-Taxi Rider Is An Ex-Google Employee Out To Explore Bangalore

In yet another #PeakBangaloreMoment, a man recently shared on X (formerly Twitter) how his Uber taxi rider was actually an ex-Google employee who shifted to Bangalore 20 days ago and was out to explore the city. This unique encounter with a techie turned Uber rider raised hilarious reactions from Netizens. Check it out!

Uber Bike Taxi Rider Turns Out To Be Ex-Google Employee

X user, Raghav Dua took to this microblogging platform to reveal that his Uber-taxi rider is an ex-Google employee who recently moved to Bangalore from Hyderabad, 20 days ago. So, the techie turned into an Uber Moto rider just to explore the city. Raghav Dua also shared a short clip of his unusual ride where the man, dressed in a red-tshirt ride the bike.

While Raghav Dua hailed a bike ride, little did he expect that on the bustling streets of Bangalore, an engineer would be his ride for the day. While the rider’s identity remains undisclosed, it’s indeed a #PeakBangaloreMoment to witness the unique idea one gets just to explore the city. Forget riding along, taking tourist buses or asking fellow Bangaloreans to show you around. This ex-Google employee had a unique way of exploring the city and even having conversations with fellow Bangaloreans.

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Meanwhile, Netizens were quick to share their reactions on X. And did they have quite a lot to dish about this unusual yet not-so-unusual experience to happen in Bangalore?

Not just in Bangalore, apparently, there’s a Delhi Rapido rider who is actually an ex-bank manager.

Perhaps, the city’s roads adorned with trees are reason enough to become one?

Perhaps, this goes without saying!

NGL! There’s a higher chance it would hit a Software engineer than a bird.

Ussmein itna mazaa kaise hoga?

Perhaps, it isn’t a time waste for the Uber taxi rider who likes to travel and have great conversations.

Most importantly, he can avoid incessant traffic in Bangalore.

This Isn’t The First Time It Happened In The City

Earlier, Manasvi Saxena took to X (formerly Twitter) to share an interesting moment. The Uber auto he hailed was actually driven by the Chief Growth Officer at Just Pay. In a conversation, the top executive revealed to Manasvi that he rode an auto to conduct user research for the Namma Yatri, the popular auto-hailing platform in Bangalore. He realised something was unusual about this auto driver when he constantly asked the X user, well-articulated questions.

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Nishit Patel, another X user revealed that when he booked a Rapido for an event, the rider arrived on a Royal Enfield Hunter. Turns out his Rapido captain was actually a DevOps engineer at company managing Kubernetes clusters. Nishit Patel was himself on the way to a Kubernetes meetup. Talk about happy coincidence or divine timing!

Meanwhile, Bangaloreans, do let us know if you ever faced such unusual yet interesting incidents during your auto, cab or bike taxi rides in Bangalore.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and @GmRaghav/ X

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