Man Wears Red Thong As Mask; Gets Kicked Off Flight For Putting Passengers At Risk

by Tania Tarafdar
Man Wears Red Thong As Mask; Gets Kicked Off Flight For Putting Passengers At Risk

We hear bizarre incidents of air passengers every day. And while many travellers have been kicked out of their flight because of their indecent behaviour, this one passenger has crossed all the boundaries. A 38-year-old man, Adam Jenne from Florida wore a red thong as a mask on his face while aboard a United Airlines flight. He in his opinion his stunt was a protest against the “absurd” mandatory face mask rule in flights.  With his actions, he put other passenger’s health at stake. The cabin crew kicked this man off the United Airlines flight.

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The passenger approached the cabin crew requesting an Italian smooch but he was firmly refused. The cabin crew advised the passenger to be seated and they checked if he was intoxicated or into some medication. The man later apologised for his behaviour and said that he was fine. Here are 5 Bizarre Reasons Passengers Got Kicked Off Planes & They Are Not Acceptable. 

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The Man Undressed Himself Many Times On The Flight

Later during the flight, a stewardess was shocked to find the man seated naked on his seat. The crew asked him to get dressed which he did, but he stripped again when the plane landed. He undressed again on ground after deplaning. He removed his clothes and broke his laptop in presence of AAI security staff. He wore his clothes after repeated requests.

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But that is not the only bizarre thing the unruly passenger did on the flight. He started a heated argument with the cabin crew about life jackets and later misbehaved with the crew on board. The AirAsia crew filed a police complaint and the airlines is considering a ban on the passenger.