Man Takes Kids Washing His Car In Traffic To 5-Star Hotel; Says, “Seeing Them Enjoy Was Touching”

A man took some children washing his car to a 5-star restaurant for dinner.

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Takes Kids Washing His Car In Traffic To 5-Star Hotel; Says, “Seeing Them Enjoy Was Touching”

You might have seen many children and young people rushing towards your cars and cleaning vehicles when you are stuck in traffic. These people wash your cars while you wait in the traffic to earn some money. Their lives come with a lot of struggles and kids like these do such work just to earn a living. Something similar happened with a man as well when he was stuck at a traffic light. What surprised us and made us happy was his sweetest gesture for those kids and how he treated them.

This Man Took Children Washing His Car To A 5-Star Hotel

Taking to Instagram, Kawaljeet Singh (@kawalchhabra) shared this heartwarming video of interacting with some kids on the streets, enjoying some time with them in his car, and then gifting them lavish experiences like dinner at a fancy restaurant.


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Kawaljeet shared the entire incident in the video and its caption as well. The video started with some kids washing the man’s car and talking with him about earning ₹10 from doing it. They washed cars like these to buy food from a nearby food stall. He invited all the kids inside his swanky car and enjoyed a fun conversation with them before taking them to a dreamy place, a 5-star restaurant for dinner. The man simply did not give them money but made their day memorable and special.

After entering the restaurant, the kids could be seen sitting together at a huge table, enjoying a great time laughing their hearts out, and relishing yummy food like pizza, cake, rice, curry, pani puri, and so much more. The children thanked Kawaljeet a hundred times and it made him deeply emotional.

“I felt grateful for creating such heartwarming and unexpected moments. Life’s beauty not just lies in personal victories but also in sharing and making dreams come true for others”, wrote Kawaljeet in the caption.

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Netizens Are Impressed With Kawaljeet’s Touching Gesture

It is such a special and unexplainable feeling to see someone helping these kids and treating them with such memorable experiences. This video is going viral for all the right reasons and has surely made all the social media users happy. His thoughtful invitation for the children to enjoy a gastronomic experience at a fancy 5-star restaurant is winning everyone’s hearts.

Washing His Car
Picture credit- Instagram/ Kawaljeet Singh (@kawalchhabra)

This is something that these children might not get the chance to enjoy often and the smiles and laughter on their faces clearly show how satisfied and happy they are. The viral video has already garnered almost 40 million views with over 4.8 million likes, hundreds of comments, and lots of love and blessings.

A Netizen commented, “Immense respect for this man”. Someone wrote, “Very nice I’m so proud of you ❤️”. A comment read, “Bohot khoobsurat reel he sir..bache kitne khush hain ❤”. Someone called him, “Raab da banda”. “You won my heart once again”, commented an Instagrammer.

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Did you also feel happy and delightful watching this viral video?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kawaljeet Singh (@kawalchhabra)

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