Manhattan Gets A New Fine-Dining Korean Restaurant Located In A Subway Station Underground!

by Tooba Shaikh
Manhattan Gets A New Fine-Dining Korean Restaurant Located In A Subway Station Underground!

There is no dearth of unique restaurants in Manhattan. This Friday, another name will be added to this list when Nōksu throws open its doors to the public. The fact that this eatery in Manhattan is a fine-dining Korean restaurant is reason enough to visit it. But what is even more interesting about this restaurant is that it is located underground at probably one of the most culturally relevant places in New York City – a subway station!

Manhattan Gets A New Fine-Dining Korean Restaurant

Manhattan Korean restaurant
Image Credits: @noksunyc/Instagram

Opening its doors on October 6, 2023, this particular restaurant is all set to take the culinary scene of New York by storm. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Korean food and culture have had the world in a chokehold. People are fascinated by the food they see in their favourite K-dramas.

Nōksu is here to satiate this eagerness for all things Korean with its food but with an extra dose of pizzazz. Located at the Herald Square subway station, the name Nōksu means deep valley. In a way, the name is a reference to its underground location which is akin to a deep valley.

This restaurant has 12 seats and a tasting menu consisting of 15 courses. It is a gastronomic journey through New York’s interpretation of Korean flavours! The cost per person is $225.

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What Can You Expect At This Restaurant?

Manhattan Korean restaurant
Image Credits: @noksunyc/Instagram

The interiors of the restaurant are inspired by Korean ink-wash paintings which are known as sumuk-hwa. The contrasting black and white furniture is not only classy and aesthetically pleasing but is also a reminder of the artistic traditions of the culture its food is showcasing.

The menu offers intricately crafted seafood dishes. These dishes are a feast for your eyes as well as your tummy. Guests may bring their own bottle of wine after paying a corkage fee of $100. However, this is allowed only if the wine the guests are bringing is not already available at the restaurant.

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Where: 49 W 32nd St., New York City

When: 5 PM to 11 PM

Cost: $225 per head

Click here for reservations.

Cover Image Credits: @noksunyc/Instagram