Manoj Bajpayee: I Used To Go To Vasant Vihar To Watch Films Just To Look At The Bungalows

Life came full circle for Manoj Bajpayee!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Manoj Bajpayee: I Used To Go To Vasant Vihar To Watch Films Just To Look At The Bungalows

Roaming on the pretty lanes of South Delhi is a favourite pastime of many Delhiites! The greenery, lovely flowers, clean roads and a lot more add to the beauty of the area. Actor Manoj Bajpayee used to roam around in Vasant Vihar doing the same! He shared this with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani and Mashable India’s Siddhaarth Aalambayan on this fun episode of Sunday Brunch X The Bombay Journey.

Manoj Bajpayee’s Character In Gulmohar Was The Owner Of A Bungalow In Vasant Vihar

We spoke about Manoj’s film Gulmohar, released on the big screens in March last year. Kamiya pointed out that the character he portrayed in this film, Arun Batra, was significantly different from his previous roles. This family drama focused more on a sophisticated family residing in Delhi.

Speaking about his character in Gulmohar, he mentioned a wealthy area in Delhi, Vasant Vihar. Here some of the richest families in Delhi reside in lavish bungalows. Arun belonged to one of Vasant Vihar’s richest families and had a lavish bungalow. 

Siddhaarth asked him about the experience of portraying a posh South Delhi person for once, compared to his real-life experiences. It was hilarious for him because back in the day, he lived in barsati, a room built on rooftops. Cut to 2023, he played a wealthy man owning a bungalow in Delhi!

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He Admired The Pretty Bungalows Of This Area

Manoj Sunday Brunch
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Next, he talked about when he watched movies at Priya Cinema located in Vasant Vihar. He would deliberately go to the lanes of Vasant Vihar to admire the elegant, magnificent and pretty-looking bungalows in the whole area.

Siddhaarth immediately agreed to this and added that he did the same but was content with looking at houses in Vasant Kunj. We are sure Delhiites are guilty of doing the same! Have you ever taken a specific route that leads to the lanes with gorgeous houses, if so where in your city?

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Comment down below if you reside in the posh areas of South Delhi.

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