Manoj Bajpayee Used To Go For Interviews In Auto Rickshaws

In Mumbai, an auto is always superior to any four-wheeler!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Manoj Bajpayee Used To Go For Interviews In Auto Rickshaws

Mumbai traffic is a hassle during peak hours! From cars like Rolls-Royce to autos to bicycles, everyone is stuck at the red light and has mere seconds to cross the red light junction. On this episode of Sunday Brunch, Manoj Bajpayee revealed to our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, that he doesn’t hesitate to take autos, even when going to his interviews. Scroll to read why he rode in autos even after his success in Satya.

Manoj Bajpayee Travelled In Autos For His Interviews

While we were cruising the roads of Juhu In Mumbai, we had ample time to converse about anything and everything. One such topic was how quickly Manoj gained success after his film, Satya and how it impacted his lifestyle. He shared with us that he is aware of the immense success he achieved right after the release of Satya, as compared to other actors in the industry.

But he also highlighted that he wouldn’t do any roles offered to him, he was on the lookout for roles that suited his creative mind. Hence, his bank balance was not growing as rapidly. He shared that he bought a car eight to nine months post-Satya’s release.

“Maine auto mein jaata tha (for interviews),” he informed us. He is so down to earth that travelling in an auto to reach his interview destinations didn’t bother him back then or even now. Despite the massive media crowd and cameras flashing at him, he steps down the autos of Mumbai and not a luxurious car with just as much confidence.

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The Gangs of Wasseypur Actor Is Extremely Punctual

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Manoj shared that even now he doesn’t hesitate to ride an auto-rickshaw because he is quite punctual. He declared that he would take an auto if his driver was half an hour late. He summed it up by mentioning that whether it was a lavish car or an auto, it was simply a mode of transport. They all serve the same purpose of travelling. Hence, it doesn’t matter what the vehicle is, the destination and time taken matter.

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Do you know which car he has? Watch the entire video linked below to learn more.

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