Manoj Bajpayee Was Once Pushed Out Of A Delhi Bus By A Woman

Hailing from Bihar, he had to adjust to Delhi and Mumbai’s transportation systems.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Manoj Bajpayee Was Once Pushed Out Of A Delhi Bus By A Woman

When someone from other parts of India moves to metropolitan cities for work or education purposes, they undergo many cultural shocks. The talented actor, Manoj Bajpayee experienced many culture shocks when he arrived in Delhi from Bihar. Curse words in every other sentence was one of them but he shared one anecdote on this Sunday Brunch episode with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. He was left flabbergasted by a lady who pushed him out of a bus to catch it. Scroll to learn all about it.

In Delhi, A Woman Pushed Manoj Bajpayee Out Of A DTC Bus

Manoj told us that Delhi was the one city that gave him the biggest culture shock. He shared an incident where one lady pushed him aside to hop on a DTC bus in Delhi. The push was so hard that he fell on the street.

He continued that he stayed on the ground for a few moments because he was quite taken aback. Manoj revealed that he was shocked not because he fell down but because a woman had pushed him to get on the DTC bus. This made everyone giggle and we hope he caught the next bus to his destination.

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He Had To Adjust To Delhi’s Casual Abusing

Manoj Sunday Brunch
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Another cultural shock Manoj experienced was Delhi’s casual use of curse words. He shared that abuses are common in his hometown, Bihar, as well but not as casually or often. Also, Bihar folks don’t generally abuse but if abuses are hurled, then it turns into a fight.

When he shifted to Delhi, he was amazed to see Delhiites using gaalis as their second language. Even if they did not mean it, they would insert a galli just for the sake of it. Manoj told us that this is another thing he had to adjust to in Delhi. Finally, after filming Satya, he started abusing like any other Delhiite would and this in turn made it much easier for the Gangs of Wasseypur films.

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Comment down what was that one culture shock you encountered that left you astonished.

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