Did You Know Manoj Bajpayee Stayed In A Chawl In Mumbai?

Started from a chawl in D.N. Nagar, Manoj Bajpayee now resides in an opulent home in Lokhandwala!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Did You Know Manoj Bajpayee Stayed In A Chawl In Mumbai?

Ae dil hai mushkil jeena yaha, zara hat ke zara bach ke, ye hai Bambai meri jaan! On this Sunday Brunch X The Bombay Journey episode, Manoj Bajpayee talked about his initial days of living in a chawl in Mumbai. He was in a candid interview with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani and Mashable India’s Siddhaarth Aalambayan. He told us that he shared a space with almost 10 other aspiring actors, directors and filmmakers.

Manoj Bajpayee Resided In One Of Mumbai’s Chawls

While conversing about Manoj’s initial days in Mumbai, he said that most of the time he would be disheartened because there was a lack of job opportunities for budding actors. But he would also be happy as most of his friends resided together in a chawl in Mumbai’s D.N. Nagar. They would endlessly chat, act out scenes for practice, read books and do many other fun activities together.

Despite not having jobs they wouldn’t be sitting idle and their day would pass doing these things. He even told us that initially, just two people were staying together and after six months, the place almost had 10 people! Among them was Tigmanshu Dhulia, a director and actor. Wow, what a small world indeed!

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What Was His Dinner At This House?

Manoj Bajpayee Sunday Brunch
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Manoj shared with us how he and his friends would prepare dinner when they were low on budget. There was a small pump stove with a cylinder attached to it where you could pour kerosene. Many times, they would have rice at home and make khichdi because they couldn’t afford to buy vegetables.

Whenever they had vegetables, a dish called tehri was their go-to meal. Upon this revelation, Siddhaarth said that tehri, a one-pot spiced vegetable and rice dish, is a go-to dinner in every Indian middle-class household and the rest of them agreed. Do you also agree with this statement?

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Comment down the easiest dish you cook when you do not feel like cooking up a grand meal after coming home from work.

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