Did You Know Manoj Bajpayee Knows A Bit Of French?

Bhojpuri, then Hindi and English and now French!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Did You Know Manoj Bajpayee Knows A Bit Of French?

From ruling the big screens of cinema halls to OTT platforms, Manoj Bajpayee portrays every character perfectly. Hailing from Bihar, his first language is Bhojpuri. But when he shifted to Delhi for theatre, he learned Hindi and English languages. On this episode of Sunday Brunch, he revealed to our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, how he practised those two languages. Do you know he also learned French when he was in Paris for two months?

Manoj Bajpayee Did A Crash Course In French

Manoj talked about his first international trip to Paris at the age of 22 years. He stayed in Paris for almost two months due to his theatre schedules and plays. He recalled performing a play where he had to recite some portion of his character’s dialogue in French. For this, he had to undertake a crash course in this language.

Upon revealing this, Kamiya was surprised to learn this secret fact about him. Then, he quickly made her laugh by saying, “Jiska ek lafz bhi mujhe ab yaad nahi hai!” He shared that back then it was his job to learn and perform the dialogues in French and he worked extremely hard for it.

That hard work paid off as the French folks who watched Manoj’s play praised him and were fascinated by his French accent. He told us that they compared him to an Algerian actor which made him believe that he did something remarkable in Paris. We wonder if there is any video recording of this play, particularly the portion where he spoke in French.

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What Did He Call “Bohot Hi Barbaad”?

Manoj Sunday Brunch
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Continuing on the same topic, Manoj shared with us that he had to work on his Hindi pronunciation as well. He studied at Ramjas College of the University of Delhi and highlighted that even though he studied in Hindi-medium institutions, his Hindi pronunciation was “bohot hi barbaad”.

On top of that, he told us that his Bhojpuri accent was in full action when he spoke in Hindi. So, working on the Hindi language and bringing changes was crucial for him.

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Comment down below how many languages you’re fluent in and what they are.

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