Man’s Lost Wallet Inside A Flight Travels To 35 Cities And No One Can Still Find It!

by Suchismita Pal
Man’s Lost Wallet Inside A Flight Travels To 35 Cities And No One Can Still Find It!

A man named John Lewis had left his wallet accidentally inside an American Airlines flight before deboarding it at Fort Lauderdale. When he realised about his missing wallet later, Lewis informed the airline. But the airline personnel informed him that they could not find his wallet. But guess what, Lewis soon realised that his wallet had the AirTag attached to it, and surprisingly, the wallet was still inside the plane and travelled to 35 cities.

Here’s How Man Tracks His Wallet As It Travels To 35 Cities

With the AirTag, Lewis could actually track his wallet, which helped him find its location. This is a clear example of technology being smarter than humans. While the airline personnel failed to locate the wallet, Lewis saw it travelling, likely on the same plane. If we have one takeaway from this story, it has to be the usefulness of AirTag. It helps AirTag owners to track the location of items using the Find My Location app. With the help of Apple devices near the lost item, a signal is sent from the AirTag to iCloud. And voila! The location will be right on your screen inside the Find My Location app.

Picture Credits: Unsplash

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AirTag: A Boon For Travellers

The world is getting tech-savvy day by day, and the impact has come on the travel industry too. Not many people are aware of AirTag, but this is just an example of how incorporating modern technology can make us smarter and help us to live an easier life. And this is not the first time it came to the aid of a traveller. Earlier, a woman had left her luggage in a Washington complex, and AirTag helped her find it. The small device has helped trace crimes too. A person had stolen luggage worth around ₹1323777 in Florida. She was traced and arrested, thanks to AirTag.

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