Massive 8-Feet Long Crocodile Was Seen Strolling On Road In Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri After Heavy Rainfall

The crocodile was filmed strolling around a road in Ratnagiri by many onlookers on Sunday night.

by Tashika Tyagi
Massive 8-Feet Long Crocodile Was Seen Strolling On Road In Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri After Heavy Rainfall

We expect bugs and insects after a heavy downpour. What we don’t expect is a massive crocodile walking around the road to explore the city! A video of a massive crocodile, almost 8 feet long, walking around a rain-swept road in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri is circulating online. Reportedly, the video was taken in the Chinch Naka area of Chiplun in Ratnagiri on Sunday night. According to officials, the crocodile probably came into the town from the River Shiv or River Vashishti nearby.

Crocodile’s Night Out In Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

The locals in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra were in for a shock on Sunday night when they came across a huge mugger crocodile strolling around a city road. The onlookers captured the incident and posted about it on social media. The video shows the 8-foot-long reptile roaming around the Chiplun area of Ratnagiri.

As per a report in Deccan Herald, officials believe that the crocodile appeared in the city from either River Shiv or River Vashishti that’s near the city. Both the rivers are home to several crocodiles. It is suspected that one of them strolled into the city after a heavy rainfall. The video shows the massive mugger crocodile walking lazily around the road as many people captured the whole incident on their phones.

There has been no update by the forest department yet about this matter. So, it is hard to say if they were able to capture the reptile safely or not.

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Similar Incident In Vadodara’s Vishwamitri River

Crocodile Ratnagiri
Image Courtesy: Canva

Just a couple of days back, a similar incident of a crocodile coming out of a river amidst heavy rainfall was reported in Vadodara. Just like Ratnagiri, after a heavy rainfall, locals in Vadodara noticed a 12-foot crocodile roaming on the road near the Vishwamitri River. As per an India Today report, this is a regular occurrence in the area during the monsoon season. Thankfully, the forest officials were able to capture and release the reptile back into the river.

We love rain and look forward to the monsoon season but this incident unlocked a new fear for us! Please make sure to stay safe and report any such incident to the considered authorities immediately. This will help the locals and the animals as well.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@Vipintiwari952

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