MasterChef Australia’s Declan Cleary Shares A Simple Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe. Check It Out!

by Sanjana Shenoy
MasterChef Australia’s Declan Cleary Shares A Simple Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe. Check It Out!

Confession time! Homemade pizzas are a mood. It often brings the whole family together to chop veggies, sprinkle the cheese and wait by the oven in anticipation until the whole home smells of delicious pizza. But more often not we end up buying pizza bases from the market. Well, not anymore! MasterChef Australia’s Declan Cleary just shared a super simple homemade pizza dough recipe. And we can’t wait to make it STAT!

Declan Cleary Shares A Delicious Homemade Pizza Base Recipe

Declan Cleary, who made it to the Top 3 of MasterChef Australia Season 15, is one of the favourite contestants of the show. His cheeky humour, altruistic nature, superb dishes, and sincere and hardworking nature won many hearts. But so will his new homemade pizza dough recipe! The expert chef recently posted a reel with a recipe to make pizza dough at home so you’d never opt for a store-bought pizza base again. Check out his recipe!


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Here’s The Recipe!


  •  620 ml of Lukewarm Water
  •  8g of Instant dry yeast
  • 20g of Sugar
  • 1kg of Tipoo 00 (flour)
  • Patience!
  • Little Sugar


First, start by adding water, sugar and yeast together and stir it with a fork for 30 seconds. According to Declan Cleary, adding sugar to the dough helps the yeast to thrive. Also, sugar plays an important role in making the dough. It’s like food for the yeast which helps the dough to rise.

Next, add half of your flour and stir it with your hand. Then, combine and add the remaining flour and keep massaging it together with your hand in the bowl. Go on to form a ball, doesn’t have to be perfect. Put this ball of dough on a floured bench and knead it for 5 minutes. Dust more flour wherever required. Knead and shape these into a ball. Next, set this aside for 2 hours.

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Then, tip out and cut out 250g portions. Roll these into your best dough balls. Once again cover these and set them aside for 1.5 hours.  Go on to dust the bench and the top of the individual ball with semolina. Then, work them into dinner-plate-sized pizza bases. Sauce it and top it with veggies and meat!

Well, we know Declan is his name and fish is his game, but pizza could be your game too! So, when are you trying out his pizza base recipe?

Cover Image Courtesy: @declancleary/ Instagram and Canva (Representative Image)