MasterChef India 7: Michelin Star Chef Garima Arora Marks Debut, Will Judge Along With Vikas Khanna & Ranveer Brar

by Shreya Ghosh
MasterChef India 7: Michelin Star Chef Garima Arora Marks Debut, Will Judge Along With Vikas Khanna & Ranveer Brar

MasterChef India is a popular cooking show and has been running successfully on our television since 2010. The newest season, Masterchef India 7 starts very soon on Sony TV this time and the new season appears with new faces, new contestants, and lots of cooking knowledge to share. With the shift in the channel, the show is also coming to our screens with a new judge panel.

Michelin Star Chef Garima Arora Marks Debut On The MasterChef India 7!

The new season comes with new surprises and the grandest news of this season is Chef Garima Arora joining the judging panel of MasterChef India for the first time. She is making her debut as a judge on this show by becoming the first-ever female judge of MasterChef India. According to Indian Express, this year’s team wanted to be inclusive and have both male and female chefs judging the new MasterChef India 7 season. The team believes that Garima can bring new elements and outlook to the judgment. With Garima, two of the most loved Indian chefs; Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar are coming on board as well.

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The Indian Express states that Garima is very excited to join the judging panel. This show is an inspiration to millions and a platform for everyone to showcase their talents. No matter if someone is a professional chef or a home chef, MasterChef India provides a position to everyone willing to cook and learn.

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Some Interesting Facts About Chef Garima That You Must Know

Garima Arora is not only the first female judge in the history of MasterChef India, but she is also the first Indian woman to win a Michelin star in November 2018. Garima launched Gaa in Bangkok in 2017 and received a Michelin star. Bangkok is also the home to Garima’s other restaurant named Here Bkk.

The team of MasterChef India 7 will soon begin their auditions in different cities of the country. The auditions are starting in Kolkata on 24 September. It will then continue to cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

We are all set with our kitchen tools to learn and experiment with in our kitchen. What about you?

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