MasterChef India S4 Contestant Neha Deepak Shah Tries Trendy Mango Ice Cream At THIS Dubai Ice Cream Shop

Chef Neha Deepak Shah reviewed the super viral mango ice cream in Dubai.

by Shreya Ghosh
MasterChef India S4 Contestant Neha Deepak Shah Tries Trendy Mango Ice Cream At THIS Dubai Ice Cream Shop

Summer season is here! Most Indians have a love-hate relationship with this season. While the heat and humidity get unbearable and stepping out of our houses becomes a nightmare, we love the moments when we can simply eat as many refreshing drinks, juices, and ice creams as possible. Talking about ice creams, do you know what’s trending right now? Well, there is a special mango ice cream that is going viral on social media platforms. Before you try it out, take a look at it now!

Chef Neha Deepak Shah Tried The Trending Mango Ice Cream

Taking to Instagram, the chef shared her experience of relishing this appetising dessert in Dubai.


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Have you seen the viral videos of people trying the super trendy and delicious mango ice creams? If not, you can check it out here right now. These videos are circulating all over social media platforms. Known as Mango Ice Cream, this lieral mango-shaped dessert is gaining immense popularity in Dubai. Chef Neha Deepak Shah also tasted it and here’s what she reviewed.

She headed to the popular Ice Cream World at International City in Dubai to try the viral ice cream. She purchased about 10-15 different ice creams from the famous place. Among all the options that she tried that day, she loved the viral mango one. The chef even called it the most trending mango ice cream in the world.

Coming to the chef’s review, she described it as too pretty and it tasted so good. She recommended everyone to try it as well. Also, this ice cream is available in a different flavour at the Ice Cream World. It was of peach flavour.

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Places To Find This Dessert:

Mango Ice Cream
Picture credit- Instagram/ @nehadeepakshah

If you are in Dubai and looking for shops and stores to buy the viral mango ice cream, here are a few options to visit. Chef Neha suggested Ice Cream World at International City and Arab Sweets. According to a comment under this video, you can even get this at the Global Village too. Ice Cream World is a famous Asian ice cream shop and if you are planning to visit the place to try out the viral mango ice cream, make sure to call before visiting. This particular ice cream gets out of stock often. Arab Sweets is another place to check out but the dessert sells out fast here as well.

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Have you tried the trending mango ice cream yet?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ @nehadeepakshah

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