Matheran’s Iconic Mini Train Makes Comeback After 3 Years; Hop Onboard!

by Sanmita A
Matheran’s Iconic Mini Train Makes Comeback After 3 Years; Hop Onboard!

Indian Railways is upgrading its train facilities day after day. Be it renovating the railway stations or introducing new vista domes, and there is just so much happening in the Indian Railways. The Central Railway announced that the mini-train services would resume from Neral-Matheran-Neral. People can travel twice daily from these places. Further, this iconic mini-train is being reintroduced after three years.

Mini Train Services Reintroduced After Three Years

The Matheran mini-train is a prominent attraction that attracts many tourists. Reintroducing it into the system again means a surge in tourists. Matheran is located approximately 100 km from Mumbai, and as per news reports, the mini train route was closed in 2019 after it suffered undue damage due to the rains. The railway line from Neral to Matheran is 20 km. The rail tracks in this route have also been fixed, and even the anti-crash barriers have been installed. Further, this mini-train route is the only way to travel from Neral.

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Places To Visit In Matheran

trainThere are tons of attractions and spots to visit in Matheran. All places are breathtaking, from Louisa Point, Prabal Fort, and Alexander Point to Khandala Point and Porcupine Point. If you’re planning to visit Matheran from Mumbai, then these places are best to be there. From taking morning walks to viewing the pretty views, Matheran is a great place to be during long weekends. If not the mini train from Neral, you can also go to Matheran by road.

From Pune, if you wish to reach there, then you can take the train from Mumbai. You can even travel by road to the place.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons