Mumbai’s Favourite Tourist Spot Nariman Point To Get Viewing Deck That Offers Breathtaking Views Of Arabian Sea

by Shreya Ghosh
Mumbai’s Favourite Tourist Spot Nariman Point To Get Viewing Deck That Offers Breathtaking Views Of Arabian Sea

Nariman Point holds a very special corner in every Mumbaikar’s heart. Sitting by the point, staring at endless majestic views, and just going with the flow; the feeling of spending time here is enchanting. Amidst the massive bustle and chaos of Mumbai, Nariman Point is a breath of fresh air. And now this iconic spot is soon going to get a viewing deck overlooking picturesque views of the Arabian sea.

Nariman Point To Get Viewing Deck Overlooking The Arabian Sea Very Soon

Nariman Point
Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

Mumbaikars will get to witness undisturbed views of the Arabian sea now. With the new viewing deck at the southernmost tip in the upcoming future, sit back, relax, and enjoy the enigmatic beauty surrounding you. The planning department of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is looking after the project of constructing a plaza beside the sea. Nariman Point is one of Mumbai’s most popular and iconic tourist spots and this development will help in keeping the heritage and artistry of the promenade intact and alive.

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Safety Is A Top Priority Of The Project

According to Mumbai Live, the primary reason for constructing a viewing deck and upkeeping Nariman Point is to create an amazing atmosphere for people coming here, shared by the officials. Safety is a major concern behind this project. As many of us know that this point is not accessible to everyone because of some accidents. So proper focus is given to the safety procedures with CCTV, proper lights, railings, and many more elements.

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Right now there are no proper gates and railings here. Also, the lighting currently is not enough to keep the place well-lit. So, it is a major responsibility of the planning department to decorate and improve the spot with the installation of proper lights, railings, and more. According to the plan, the Nariman Point stretch will have railings to avoid any further accidents. Also, they will install a gate for security purposes. The most eye-catching development will be the poles designed with vintage detailing. This style will show the heritage of the place. And lastly, there will be places to sit together and have a gala time as well.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons