McAloo For ₹20! Tweeple Are Reminiscing McDonald’s Burger Prices Some 20 Years Ago

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
McAloo For ₹20! Tweeple Are Reminiscing McDonald’s Burger Prices Some 20 Years Ago

Time flies! Indeed, it does. It seems like yesterday we were in school, planning mischief with friends, and submitting assignments, and suddenly we are chasing deadlines now! Where did time vanish and where? I am sure you too might be having these same questions everyday or atleast when you see a bunch of kids playing. A similar wave of nostalgia walked in on Twitter today when a user tweeted the price of everyone’s favourite McAloo Tikki, 20 years ago!

McAloo Tikki At ₹20, Good Old Days!

A Twitter user by the name of @subwaysachi took everyone on a trip down memory lane with her tweet. The tweet was one single line, but it generated a crazy wave of nostalgic conversation among Tweeple. She mentioned that there was a time in our lives when India’s favourite burger from McDonald’s, the McAloo Tikki, was sold only for ₹25! Even we got lost in the moment of realising that this is true when we read it.

The tweet went viral in no time. People began sharing it with their friends, and many reminisced about the good old days. The tweet hit people hard, as they had actually forgotten about this. Many people began to comment on the price they used to pay for it, while others commented on how much of a craze this burger had caused. One user said that the company had brought the burger back at ₹25 for a 10-year challenge.

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Cutest McDonald’s Advertisement That Made Everyone Smile

As people went on commenting and conversing with each other, one user asked the price at which McAloo tikki is being served now. @subwaysachi replied to his tweet and informed him that now they sell it for ₹58. It was shocking enough for everyone, and their tweets showed it. It was 20 years ago that they sold it for ₹20. Are you guys feeling old yet? 

Among all of these users, one actually tweeted a link to the cutest McDonald’s commercial our generation had ever seen. The ad shows a cute girl and boy sitting on a bench right opposite McDonald’s. People could not help but give cute reactions to it. One of the comments stated that a McSwirl was only $5 at the McDonald’s outside Andheri station! How cool was that!

Signing a petition to restore the good old days, or at the very least a time machine!

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Cover Image Courtesy: @McDonald’sBlog and @subwaysachi/Twitter