McDonald’s Employee Reveals They Use 4-Pound Sugar Bag To Make Sweet Tea; Diabetes In A Cup?

mcdonald's sweet tea
by Sanjana Shenoy

In a shocking TikTok video, a McDonald’s employee revealed that the fast food joint uses a whopping 4-pound (1.8kg) sugar bag to prepare sweet tea. And if you thought dining at fast food restaurants was unhealthy wait till you read on. So, let’s spill the sugar-filled tea!

McDonald’s Employee Reveals They Use 4-Pound Sugar Bag To Make Tea

According to a report by WION, a McDonald’s employee, Gia, known by her TikTok handle as @gia2bad shocked the Internet with a secret from the restaurant. And it’s something you wish you didn’t know. As per her video, the sweetness behind McDonald’s sweet tea can be attributed to the massive quantities of sugar they use.

mcdonald's sweet tea

Picture Credits: Canva

How much? Well, Gia spills the tea in her video, literally. In the TikTok video, you can see hot water blends with the tea. Then, an employee adds a full 4-pound (1.8 kg) bag of sugar to prepare the sweet tea. In the caption, Gia mentions, that if people are wondering why the sweet tea at McDonald’s is so sweet, it’s because they use a whole sugar bag. And sometimes, they use even two bags of sugar. Now, can you believe this?

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Netizens Had Mixed Reactions To This Claim

The TikTok video in no time went viral and it garnered over 1.3 million views. The comments section was filled with Netizens expressing total shock with many concerned about their health. One TikToker called this sweet tea, “diabetes in a cup”. Others confessed that they felt this drink always tasted extremely sweet. Now, they finally know the secret behind its crazy sweetness.

mcdonald's sweet tea

Picture Credits: Canva

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A Netizen revealed that they always order half-sweet and half-unsweetened tea at McDonald’s. But there were many others who felt this claim was a tad bit exaggerated. One McD employee said that she works at the fast food chain’s outlet and they don’t pour sugar this way there. Many others asserted that the tea is not manually mixed with sugar. Instead, it’s produced in a commercial tea machine. So, they went on to refute these claims.

Well, now that you know about this person’s point of view, would you dare to order tea at McDonald’s again?

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