Mechanical Engineer Woman Sells ‘Nila Dahi Vada’ On The Streets Of Ahmedabad; Wishes To Open Cafe

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Mechanical Engineer Woman Sells ‘Nila Dahi Vada’ On The Streets Of Ahmedabad; Wishes To Open Cafe

How many of you here are Dahi Vada fans? Foodies surely know why they can easily call it one of the best chat items. The fluffy vadas were drenched in chutney and loaded with dahi, with some chaat masala sprinkled on them. Mouth-watering! But have you ever imagined blue dahi vadas? Well, a mechanical engineer is selling delicious ‘nila dahi vada’ on the streets of Ahmedabad, have a look!

Mechanical Engineer Woman Sells ‘Nila Dahi Vada’


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These days, food videos are going viral on the internet, especially on Instagram. One of these videos is from Ahmedabad. The video features a woman who is running a small food stall on the streets of Ahmedabad. She is selling delicious dahi vadas, but with a twist. 

The vada and the dahi used in making this chaat are all blue in colour. Yes, Nia, a mechanical engineer, sells blue dahi vada on the streets of Ahmedabad. 

In the video, she takes out three blue vadas from the box, squeezes out the water from them, and places them in a bowl. She then pours blue dahi over it, garnishes it with chutney, crispy boondi, and masala peanuts. 

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A Test On People’s Psychology

dahi vada

The video has by far garnered over 7.9 million views and 235K likes on Instagram.

Blue is Nia’s favourite color, and for a long time she had the idea of coming up with something like this. She dreams of opening a ‘Blue Cafe, where all the items served will be blue in colour. 

Currently, she has opened this stall to understand people’s psychology, as blue is not often associated with food. Her stall is located on the street food road near Dmart Nikol in Ahmedabad. It is open from evening 5 to 11 in the night. 

Nia is a mechanical engineer who, with her passion to open a blue cafe, came up with this stall where she sells nila dahi vada. 

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Have you tried it yet?

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