Meghalaya: Local Taxi Association Demands Ban On Out-Of-State Vehicles Ferrying People To Tourist Places

The All Khasi Meghalaya Tourist Taxi Association requested the government to ban out-of-state vehicles ferrying travellers inside the state.

by Shreya Ghosh
Meghalaya: Local Taxi Association Demands Ban On Out-Of-State Vehicles Ferrying People To Tourist Places

Imagine travelling to a scenic destination surrounded by lush greenery, pristine waterfalls, and scenic landscapes devoid of huge crowds. Seems too good to be true, right? Well, you need to plan a trip to Meghalaya to enjoy similar travel experiences and the best part is that most places are still not as crowded as other bustling touristy states. The Meghalaya local taxi association has a special request to the government as they do not want outside vehicles at tourist spots.

Meghalaya Taxi Association Requested Government To Ban Out-Of-State Vehicles From…

Meghalaya Taxi Association
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This picturesque Indian state welcomes travel enthusiasts from nationwide and abroad too. Meghalaya is still an unexplored state offering the most spectacular experiences to visitors. Among travellers who enjoy vacations here, most people explore the famous touristy locations in vehicles from other states.

The local taxi association is unhappy seeing out-of-state cabs and vehicles ferrying tourists to the famous locations in Meghalaya. According to a report by The Assam Tribune, the All Khasi Meghalaya Tourist Taxi Association has urged the state government to ban vehicles visiting from outside the state from carrying travellers to explore famous tourist spots.

The association requested the government to resolve this issue as their business is getting affected because of these out-of-state vehicles. They added that tourists travel to this state in about 3,500 cars every day. Surprisingly, about 2,400 of these are out-of-state vehicles. With so many vehicles entering from outside, Meghalaya-registered local cabs are not getting enough passengers.

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Outside Vehicles Should Travel Till Shillong

Meghalaya Taxi Association
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The local taxi association in Meghalaya urged the government to allow outside cabs and vehicles only to drop visitors to the state. They demanded that local taxis be allowed to transport tourists within the state in an official letter addressed to the Meghalaya tourism minister. They stated that out-of-state vehicles must end their journeys in Shillong. These cabs can later return to their respective locations.

The association also added that among 5,100 vehicles in the state, over 4,000 do not get travellers to ferry to tourist locations. This is causing inconvenience and loss of revenue to the local taxi operators.

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What do you think about the taxi association’s demand?

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