Men Throw Water On Passing Train In Pakistan; Get Beaten By Passengers; Netizens: “Mission Wash Train First”

The train was stopped and the passengers chased these pranksters.

by Shreya Ghosh
Men Throw Water On Passing Train In Pakistan; Get Beaten By Passengers; Netizens: “Mission Wash Train First”

Social media platforms are flooded with pranking videos. While a good proportion of these videos are innocent pranks, others are about doing horrible things in the name of “it’s a prank”. A recent viral video filmed in Pakistan is an example of how many people do not bother about others while planning to do such pranks. It shows a group of men throwing water on a moving train. What happened later? Well, the next incident will surprisingly make you happy.

Men Threw Water On A Passing Train In Pakistan; Got Beaten Up

The recent supposedly pranking incident caught everyone’s attention after Ghar Ke Kalesh (@gharkekalesh) shared the video on the X platform. The original video was first posted on TikTok by @arslanjarral8.

The video surfacing on social media shows how a group of young men tried to have fun by spraying water on a train. They stood close to a railway track in an undisclosed location in Pakistan and splashed water mercilessly. They could be seen standing behind a parked motorbike and engaging in this nuisance.

Though they thought it to be another prank, they were extremely shocked realising what happened later. The passing train came to a halt after getting drenched in water. After the train stopped en route suddenly, passengers began to chase those pranksters and beat them too. Not only they were thrashed by people but the police also took away the bike. What the men thought to be a fun prank backfired on them horribly but rightly.

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Netizens Share Humorous Responses

Shared on Thursday, the video is going viral on the X platform. With more than 1 million views, the post has garnered more than 9.3K likes and hundreds of reactions from Netizens. X users are reacting to the incident hilariously and are sharing funny comments. Someone named it “Pakistani Kalesh.” A comment read, “Normal day in Pakistan.” Being satisfied seeing the passengers beating those pranksters, someone wrote, “Bahut badiya kiya logo ne iske sath.” Let’s take a look at more responses.

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How would you react to the men splashing water on this passing train? Let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Ghar Ke Kalesh (@gharkekalesh), X/ Nilansh (@NNilanshh)

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