Micheal Jackon Or Sanjeev Kapoor? This Dancing Cook In Surat Making A Dosa Has Netizens Confused!

The first dancing cook of India is whipping up dosas in Surat and his moves have left the internet in a frenzy.

by Tashika Tyagi
Micheal Jackon Or Sanjeev Kapoor? This Dancing Cook In Surat Making A Dosa Has Netizens Confused!

We grew up watching Bollywood and we believe anyone can break into a perfectly synced dance number anywhere and anytime! However, even our imagination did not think it was possible to dance while cooking a dosa! Well, this cook in Surat makes us believe beyond our imagination. Meet Sagar, a dancing cook at Baba Sai Dosa near Mota Varachha in Surat. This man has become quite popular on the internet for his dance moves while cooking.

Not Missing A Beat Or Flip While Cooking In This Unique Style

With a black fedora and rolled-up sleeves, Sagar looks like every other cook you’d come across while eating at a street-side eatery in Surat. However, it is when he starts cooking that he channels his inner Micheal Jackson and Sanjeev Kapoor together to dance and cook at the same time! Without missing a beat, he dances around the cooking area, adds ingredients while spinning and twirling, and all this without spilling or burning the food down. He is perfectly able to cook dosa, pav bhaji, dosa gravy, and more while breaking into some awesome moves. His speciality lies in cooking Kaju Mysore Masala.

Here’s What The Internet Has To Say About The Dancing Cook

Well, the internet always has something to say, and it doesn’t disappoint this time either. Some people appreciate Sagar’s moves and ability to dance without caring if people are watching or not.

Dancing cook Surat

Many simply want to eat their food without having to go through ‘all the theatrics’!

dancing cook Surat

dancing cook Surat

Dancing and cooking are both talents that require your heart and soul and looks like this cook has talents for them both. What’s your take on this dancing cook from Surat?

Cost: ₹250
Where: Baba Sai Dosa, Near Sarthana Jakat, Near Mota Varachha

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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