6 Middle Eastern Countries That Can Enter UAE Visa-Free

Some countries enjoy visa-free entry, while others can obtain visas on arrival

by Priyanka Fernandes
6 Middle Eastern Countries That Can Enter UAE Visa-Free

The UAE has a varied visa policy. Some countries enjoy visa-free entry, while others can obtain visas on arrival or through online services. Certain nationalities need to obtain visas from diplomatic missions. All visitors must have a passport valid for at least six months (or three months with a residence permit). Citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries can enter with a government-issued ID card. These 6 Middle Eastern countries do not need a visa to enter the UAE.

1. Bahrain

Bahrain Visa Free
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Bahrain holds the privilege of visa-free entry to the UAE, allowing its citizens seamless access to the country. It is a small island between Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the Persian Gulf and is known for its petroleum, offshore banking, and tourism. Unlike some neighbouring nations, it adopts a more relaxed atmosphere, appealing to tourists. The Bahrain Grand Prix, an annual F1 race held in April, is a significant highlight.

2. Kuwait

Kuwait Visa Free
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Situated at the northern edge of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait stands out for its oil wealth. Bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq, the country’s capital, Kuwait City, is a captivating mix of modern skyscrapers and ancient mosques. This juxtaposition reflects Kuwait’s unique blend of contemporary progress and historical heritage.

3. Oman

Oman Visa Free
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On the southeastern Arabian Peninsula, Oman is enchanted with diverse landscapes—emerald beaches, ancient forts, green mountains, and endless deserts. The rich Arab history, unique wildlife, and vibrant souks filled with handicrafts, especially Frankincense, make it a distinctive Gulf Coast destination. With welcoming and respectful locals, Oman promises a must-visit Arabian adventure.

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4. Qatar

Qatar Visa Free

In just four decades, this Gulf state has evolved from being among the least affluent in the region to becoming the wealthiest in the world. Fueled primarily by oil and natural gas revenue, Qatar is developing rapidly. The landscape is evolving swiftly, with the emergence of universities, shopping malls, luxurious hotels, and the construction of football stadiums for the World Cup in 2022.

5. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Visa Free

Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a predominantly Muslim country in Western Asia. While religious freedom is restricted by law, the welcoming and friendly locals make it an inviting destination for tourists. The country’s rich history, vast deserts, and cultural traditions, including unique festivals and Islamic practices, offer a fascinating experience.

6. Cyprus

Cyprus Visa Free
Saudi Arabia

Cyprus, a Mediterranean gem, boasts a rich history and diverse landscapes. Nicosia combines modern life with historic sites like the Famagusta Gate. Limassol features sun-kissed shores and a lively nightlife scene. Paphos has ancient ruins and is the birthplace of Aphrodite. The Troodos Mountains provide cool hiking spots. Festivals like the Limassol Carnival showcase the island’s lively spirit and varied heritage.

The provided information aims to be helpful and enhance one’s understanding of UAE trivia.

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