Migrant Labourers In Rajasthan Paint School Walls To Thank Locals For Food And Shelter

by Suchismita Pal
Migrant Labourers In Rajasthan Paint School Walls To Thank Locals For Food And Shelter

The migrant labourers quarantined in Rajasthan’s Sikar district found an innovative way to thank the authorities for free food and shelter. Around 54 migrant workers are now spending their days in two schools of Palsana town in Rajasthan. To make the most of their isolation time, they have given a facelift to the walls of their temporary home and here’s how.

What Exactly Happened?

The workers are from states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. They wanted to get involved in some activity to ditch the boredom of the lockdown. So, they offered to paint the old walls of the institutes. Also, they did not take any remuneration for their hard work. The teachers, ex-students and villagers raised funds of about a lakh by running a campaign on social media. Then, they used the amount to buy the required painting materials for the workers. They also gave ₹2000 to each worker. Even some villagers, who were also artists, joined them in the good act.

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What Else?

One of the labourers said that they get dal bati churma, puri sabzi, halwa, jalebi, namkeen and even rasgullas at their shelter homes. People highly praised their efforts over the internet. “These are those core values which come from our Indian traditions and unfortunately we don’t teach these kind values as part of education.”, a comment read. The sarpanch of Palsana, Roop Singh Sekhayat has assured that all the labourers are perfectly healthy, and their medical check-ups are done on a daily basis.

Migrant Labourers
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When the entire nation is gripped by the fear of coronavirus, gestures like these prove that humanity isn’t dead yet.