Missing The Expo 2020 Stamps On The Passport? Head To Global Village To Get Yours Now!

Unravelling the magic of stamps at Global Village.

by Deeplata Garde
Missing The Expo 2020 Stamps On The Passport? Head To Global Village To Get Yours Now!

It’s hard not to notice the uncanny resemblance between Global Village and the Expo 2020 site, even if it’s just a subconscious comparison. From the captivating international pavilions to the array of family-friendly attractions and culinary delights, both destinations offer a treasure trove of experiences for visitors. Despite the similarities, each holds its unique allure, with Global Village proudly claiming its status as the original and the best and its passport and stamps. Join the stampede of excitement and create lasting memories at this beloved Dubai destination!

Exploring The Unmatched Charm Of Global Village, Dubai

Step into a world of wonder at Global Village, where adventure awaits around every corner. With its eclectic mix of attractions, vibrant atmosphere, and affordable prices, Global Village invites visitors to embark on a journey of discovery and delight.

Passport To Adventure

If there’s one aspect of the Expo experience that we’d love to see replicated at Global Village, it’s undoubtedly the passport system. Who could forget the thrill of collecting stamps from each pavilion, and embarking on a frantic quest to complete the collection? Well, it seems our nostalgic yearnings have been answered, as Global Village introduces its very own pavilion passport, available for eager adventurers at the Globo Centre.

Stamp Your Way To Success With Global Village Passport!

With Global Village set to close its doors for the summer on April 28, 2024, time is of the essence for stamp enthusiasts. With just 30 days to collect 27 stamps, it’s a challenge worth undertaking for those craving a taste of adventure.

Ramadan Revelry At Global Village

As Ramadan approaches, Global Village prepares to welcome visitors for extended hours, opening its doors from 6 pm to 2 am daily. Amidst the festivities, the Ramadan Wonders Souk promises a delightful array of Emirati-themed treasures, artisanal delights, and traditional Ramadan essentials.

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Prizes Galore

Throughout the Holy Month, visitors can partake in the Ramadan step challenge, with the chance to win exciting prizes by logging 10,000 steps in a single day at the park. From cutting-edge gadgets to unforgettable experiences, there’s no shortage of rewards for those willing to embark on a journey of exploration. So, whether you’re seeking thrills, cultural experiences, or simply a memorable day out with family and friends, Global Village promises an adventure like no other.

Cover Image Courtesy: Global Village/ Instagram

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