5 Mistakes That Could Ruin A Romantic Couples’ Trip With Your Bae

Romantic Couples' Trip Mistakes
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 1555

We all love to travel with our partners, don’t we? It is said that travelling often strengthens the bond between couples and creates amazing memories. Also, when we’re around our partners, it is a comfortable affair. But sometimes getting too comfortable might not be good for your trip. It can start with certain thoughts you might develop in nonchalance, like “My choice is his choice, and his choice is mine.” Well, getting stuck in thoughts like these can make things very complicated, especially when you’re travelling. One can be a good travel partner by respecting the companion’s choice and giving a lot of space. There must be coordination, assistance and similarity of decisions. Here are 5 mistakes that couples must avoid while planning a trip:

1. Only One Person Making The Plan

This springs from the preconceived ‘choice’ notion as mentioned earlier. If you are confident about your partner’s likes and dislikes, you might still give a shot in case you want to surprise your bae with a trip. Otherwise, the planning must be done by consulting each other. Say, you’ve been dating for some months, and you’re still unsure about how your partner prefers to travel. You might book a flight, a top-notch hotel in a crowded place and maybe a romantic dinner in a fine dining restaurant with lush interiors. On the other hand, your partner might prefer train journeys, a secluded halt in a homestay and a dinner under the stars. And the person might just not be okay to find you splurging on things.

Romantic Couples' Trip Mistakes

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2. Spending More Time In Things Which Bore The Partner

While on a trip, prefer to do things which both you and your partner like. For example, if you both like exploring the street food of the location for a day, go ahead. But say you like shopping and your partner doesn’t. So, don’t spend too much time exploring shops and buying things, as it might just make your partner bored, tired and annoyed.

Romantic Couples' Trip Mistakes

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3. Having A Tight Schedule

Make your schedule in a way that you’ve enough time for each other, other than exploring destinations. Take time out to relax together, talk about the day, or enjoy sips of some premium wine inside a glass room by the mountains. A romantic trip remains incomplete without these moments. Don’t you agree?

Romantic Couples' Trip Mistakes

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4. Flirting

One thing that can kill the mood of your partner and ruin the rest of your trip is obviously flirting. We often end up meeting people from diverse places with diverse cultures while travelling. Having a healthy conversation with them is okay, but sometimes simple conversations too might reach the point of flirting. Avoid that.

Romantic Couples' Trip Mistakes

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5. Not Discussing Challenges

If you have a problem with something, do communicate that to your partner. For example, you might have a fear of height and you do not tell that your partner. Your partner is excited to go on paragliding with you and you’re living with the idea that you will manage on spot. But then you reach the spot and your vertigo takes over.  You give up. And your partner might just not take the ride alone and it might ruin his mood. So, always communicate. Or if you think, your partner is not comfortable with something, ask the person out about the issue politely.

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