MMT And Microsoft Partner To Provide Users With Personalised Travel Recommendations Using AI

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
MMT And Microsoft Partner To Provide Users With Personalised Travel Recommendations Using AI

In a pioneering move, MakeMyTrip has partnered with Microsoft and introduced voice assisted travel booking. This move will surely make travel more inclusive and accessible, as voice assisted booking can be done in Indian languages. The new in-platform technology stack will interact with the user to provide customised travel advice. Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Services are coming up with this. 

MakeMyTrip Partners With Microsoft

MakeMyTrip has tied-up with Microsoft to bring about a change in the travel booking landscape with AI. The personalised travel recommendations will be based on the user’s preferences, like budget, time travel, occasion, activity preferences, etc. 

It makes the online travel ecosystem accessible to all societal groups and demographics nationwide. A beta version of this integration has been made available in English and Hindi.

The next stage of the voice-assisted booking flow will include other travel options. You can easily activate this feature with just one click.  This feature is on the platform’s landing page. 

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Leveraging The Power Of AI And Machine Learning

No matter the use case or circumstance, MakeMyTrip’s newest service leverages the power of AI and machine learning to make travel-related solutions universal.  Users can engage with the platform in any Indian language thanks to Microsoft’s extensive language models, Indic language voice models, natural language understanding capabilities, and travel-related information from MakeMyTrip.

Co-Founder & Group CEO, MakeMyTrip, Rajesh Magow, said that they are proud of introducing a feature that will break down the barriers of literacy, languages, inability to navigate apps, physical impairments, and more. This generative AI integration will have simple voice commands and visual cues in native Indian languages.

The user-friendly interface, powered by GPT technology from Azure OpenAI Service, will examine unique user needs and sift through hundreds of possibilities to recommend, customise, and book vacation packages, turning what was a time-consuming process into an easy and convenient one.

It will give out hotel reviews while capturing distinct visitor perceptions that are cohort-specific. This includes those of a solo traveller, business traveller, couple, family, etc. 

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