More And More Bollywood Celebrities Are Buying Properties In Dubai. Here’s Why!

by Deeplata Garde
More And More Bollywood Celebrities Are Buying Properties In Dubai. Here’s Why!

Dubai is the ultimate celeb favourite destination. Multiple stars from Bollywood and Hollywood have marked their house down here. But what is the reason Dubai is the second home for all Bollywood celebrities? Is it the no-tax on the property or the luxurious amenities? Let’s find out why Bollywood celebrities are quite keen on buying properties in Dubai.

Dubai Real Estate Is Hot Cakes And Bollywood Stars Can’t Keep Their Hands Off

Properties in Dubai
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Bollywood celebs are among the foreign real estate investors who continue to find Dubai to be quite alluring. Several names of them have already made the emirate their second home.

Since the introduction of the 10-year Golden Visa for an investment of Dh2 million, the emirate’s appeal to Indian investors has increased.

People seek refuge in Dubai during times of economic or political turmoil as it is a safe haven. Many actors from Bollywood want to venture into Dubai. The growth of Dubai continues to be the cause. Additionally, pricing won’t stay the same in the future. They will undoubtedly get up.

Properties In Dubai
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List Of Bollywood Celebrities Who Own Properties In Dubai

Dubai is no longer just the favourite vacation and attraction of the Bollywood industry! The lovely city has also evolved into an A-list Bollywood celebrity’s “home away from home.” Here are the names of celebrities that own their second home in Dubai.

Properties In Dubai
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Area In Dubai

Bollywood Celebrities

Palm Jumeirah

Shah Rukh Khan

Sanctuary Falls Jumeirah Golf Estates

Abhishek &Aishwarya Bachchan

Burj Khalifa

Shilpa Shetty

Dubai’s Signature Residences

Sohail Khan

Ritz by the Danube

Anil Kapoor

The Address Downtown + Burj Pacific tower

Salman Khan

All the above-mentioned areas of Dubai are super expensive and only rich people might be able to afford them.

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