More Companies In UAE Introduces 4-Day Workweek After Seeing A Boost In Productivity

by Deeplata Garde
More Companies In UAE Introduces 4-Day Workweek After Seeing A Boost In Productivity

UAE became the first country to adopt the 4 day work week concept last year. Following this, other countries were motivated to assimilate this work culture. Few UAE companies felt it feasible to change their general schedule with this new concept. But after observing positive results, many other companies are considering embracing the 4-day work week in UAE.

The 4-Day Work Week Has Shown Better Productivity In UAE

More businesses in the UAE have switched to a four-day workweek because they think a five-day workweek and a 9 to 5 schedule are antiquated ideas from the 1950s. They cause nothing but employee burnout, inefficiency, and finally, depression.


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Companies are switching to a hybrid model and enabling their employees to work from home in addition to their traditional four-day workweek.

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With so much stress increasing in humans, the old 9-to-5 module adds no value to an employee’s life. Gone are the days that employees enjoy this routine. People are giving weightage to the concept of work-life balance. Everybody is hungry for some kinda dynamics in work life. Hence, providing them with flexibility can motivate them to offer better productivity. Enhanced ways to work in a comfortable environment are proven ways to increase efficiency among workers.

Employees Will Get Swayed Towards The Companies Offering This New Routine

It’s important for all companies to retain the best talents available. There is a definite chance of employees choosing flexible working conditions over traditional operations. Improving well-being is becoming the new goal of every employee, and organizations should keep up with this expectation of employees. Time management should be one of the significant points considered when setting the mode of operation in organizations. This can lead to becoming an essential factor responsible for employees as well as for the employer.

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