7 Countries That Have Shifted To A 4-Day Workweek

by Yogita Chainani
7 Countries That Have Shifted To A 4-Day Workweek

Working is essential to have a stable life and enjoy the most of life. However, that’s also the one thing that we are struggling with. With fierce competition to be the best and number one, every employee in the world works beyond their capacity, which disrupts their work-life balance. Work that should be finished within the week sometimes gets stretched to the weekend. However, as per studies, employees should have a 4-day workweek so that their productivity and creativity remain in place. And to ensure the same, these countries have adopted the 4-days work policy.

Here are 7 Countries That Follow 4-day Workweek Policy 

1. Spain

Spanish government started experimenting with the 4-day workweek concept in 2021, and so far, the government is happy with the results. It agreed to a 32-hour workweek for three years without deducting the salaries of the employees.

2. Ireland

After seeing the success rate in other countries, Ireland started with the 4-day workweek program for their employees from January 2022. Under the program, the companies will receive support and mentoring on how to handle the 4-day workweek with the employees. The Irish government is funding the research will assess how this program will impact the economic, social, and other areas.

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3. New Zealand

New Zealand, under the leadership of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, became one of the first countries to implement this policy. PM Jacinda suggested that employers consider a four-day workweek and other working options. Since then, several companies in NZ have adopted this policy, where the staff is paid the same amount for working fewer days after it was analyzed that productivity has improved by 20 per cent.


4. Japan

In June 2021, Japan government took up this initiative to improve the country’s work-life balance. Tech giant Panasonic is the latest Japanese company to offer a 4-day workweek in the nation.

5. Iceland

Iceland became the first country to experiment with a 4-day workweek policy and ran the largest trial from 2015-19 to experiment with this. And as per the analysis, everyone was happier, healthier, and more productive than before. The trials took place across different sectors like preschools, offices, and hospitals.

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6. Scotland

Following Iceland’s massive success and response, Scotland too joined the 4-day workweek program. The country is now thinking of a way to make this work as several people have said that a 3-day weekend and 4-day workweek is something that they are looking forward to.

4-Day Workweek
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7. Belgium

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo announced this 4-day workweek policy and said that this would make people and businesses stronger after the pandemic. Hence, Belgium is a part of the 4-day workweek policy and aims to change its labor laws more, especially after the pandemic.

What do you think, will India be the country to implement this policy?