5 Most Affordable Places In Himachal For Working From The Mountains

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Most Affordable Places In Himachal For Working From The Mountains

The world is now open to travel, people are travelling with their friends and families, but some are travelling with work. The pandemic normalised the system of working from home and many organisations have adapted it and incorporated it. Companies have become so used to the new system that even after normalcy, they have employees working remotely. Some stays in the Himachal are offering amenities to get you set up so that you can complete your work easily while taking in the beautiful surroundings. Read on to know more about these affordable places in Himachal. 

1. Brown Dipper House, Kullu 

The Brown Dipper House is conveniently located near the riverfront in the Tirthan Valley, directly next to the Tirthan River. Outside the Cottage, there is a lovely sit-out area where you may relax while taking in the scenery of the Mountains and the River. It is situated at the entrance to the Great Himalayan Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the banks of the Tirthan River.

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2. Green Alpine, Jibhi

With a stunning view of Jibhi Valley and very convenient location, Green Alpine Jibhi provides tourists with all contemporary amenities. Jibhi valley is famous for its dense pine trees and mesmerizing natural beauty. The rooms include a contemporary, carefully designed interior with oak panelling and a pleasant riverbank outlook.

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3. The Red House, Manali

The property is conveniently located in the heart of everything because it is only a short walk from the main market in Manali. Before becoming a boutique guest house, the property served as a guest house for one of the largest corporations in the nation. However, the property includes huge lawns that are great for working and relaxing outside in the sunshine.

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4. Falachan Cottage, Banjar

The Falachan cottage is just a small drive away from the Tirthan valley. The cottage’s cleverly built Kath-Kuni style construction would keep you warm in the bitterly cold winters and cool in the hottest summers. There will be plenty of opportunities for nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, and stargazers to participate in all of these activities and more.


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5. Kriday Villa, Manali

Kriday Villa in Manali is located in the pristine Kullu valley nestled amidst the lovely apple orchards. How amazing would it feel to work looking at the mesmerising morning sun, tweeting sound of birds in the midst of nature and a beautiful view of the snow-capped hills. The hustle free peaceful surrounding with endless positive energy is the perfect place to work from mountains. 


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