Mount Fuji: Japan To Limit Daily Climbers & Introduce Tolls This Summer Climbing Season

Due to the high number of visitors, Mount Fuji is facing trash problems and severe injuries among inexperienced hikers.

by Tashika Tyagi
Mount Fuji: Japan To Limit Daily Climbers & Introduce Tolls This Summer Climbing Season

In Japan, Mount Fuji is not just its highest peak, it’s also a pilgrimage site and one of the sacred mountains in their culture. However, over the years, as the number of visitors increased at its beautiful peak, so did the problems faced by it. Currently, Mount Fuji is facing issues like trash problems, congestion, and injuries among inexperienced climbers. To curb this, Japan has decided to cap the number of daily climbers as well as introduce tolls starting July 1. Keep scrolling on for all the important details on this development.

Japan To Cap Daily Climbers On Yoshida Trail & More Regulations

Mount Fuji
Image Courtesy: Pexels

In a bid to preserve the sanctity and beauty of Mount Fuji, Japan will cap daily climbers on this summit and even introduce tolls. These regulations are likely to be imposed from July 1, that is, the beginning of the 70-day summer climbing season. As per the Yamanashi government, they will introduce a daily limit of 4,000 climbers on the popular Yoshida Trail. Additionally, no climbers will be permitted to start their hike on this trail between 4 PM and 2 AM.

According to Governor Kotaro Nagasaki, they will also introduce a toll at this peak. This will help cover the maintenance cost of hiking routes on Mount Fuji. Since this peak is a stratovolcano, this toll will also be used for the construction of shelters in the event of an eruption. As of now, the amount of this toll hasn’t been disclosed.

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Piling Trash & Injured Climbers – What Went Wrong At Mount Fuji

mount fuji
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Now, coming to the big question – what led to all these regulations and tolls? As the number of visitors on this peak increased, so did piling trash and injuries among inexperienced climbers. This added to the limited facilities available at the summit led the local government to come up with some regulations and tolls. These rules are likely to protect the peak from its current predicament.

As humans, we tend to forget that it is our responsibility to preserve nature and keep it intact for future generations. Hopefully, these restrictions and regulations will help preserve the sanctity and beauty of Mount Fuji!

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