Move Over Kachori And Try The Huge Kachoras In Delhi’s Chandni Chawk

by Shreya Ghosh
Move Over Kachori And Try The Huge Kachoras In Delhi’s Chandni Chawk

Kachori is a staple snack of India, favourite of everyone. Indians are clearly obsessed with hot and deep-fried kachoris. But there is a delicious food item getting popular in the street food market that is gaining all the attention. It is not exactly like kachori but also quite similar to it. Well, wait no more as we are giving you all the deets of this tasty street food that people are absolutely loving. Delhi is the paradise of street foods and ‘Kachoras’ of Chandni Chawk are stealing everyone’s hearts and taste buds.

Kachoras In Delhi’s Chandni Chawk Is A Must Try

Kachoras are a specialty of Nasirabad, Rajasthan and now Delhites can grab a bite in Chandni Chawk. These are huge, crispy fried, and puffed food preparation served with spicy savoury veg preparation and chutney. The size of this unusual food item attracts a lot of customers and whoever tastes it once, becomes a fan. The yummy stuffing of these fried items is flavourful. Just a small bite of kachora bursts out flavours and spices inside our mouths. Even the bowl of spicy curry served with it tastes completely heavenly.

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The dough is made with flour, various grains, spices, oil, and warm water. The stuffing of kachoras has lots of spices, flavours, soaked urad dal, and more such ingredients. The spices and the flavours nicely mix with each other and bring out a distinct taste of Indian street food.

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People are lining up in front of food stalls in Chandni Chawk to taste crispy kachoras and all the waiting is worth it with its deliciousness. Entire India is getting to know about this Rajasthani special food from social media by watching videos of food bloggers all over the country.