Mukesh Kachori Earns 60 Lakhs A Year Approx Under Tax Evasion Scanner

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Mukesh Kachori Earns 60 Lakhs A Year Approx Under Tax Evasion Scanner

Well, well, who knew Kachoris were the next big scene in the business market? Rs 6 lakhs – 1 crore annually is WAY more than most of us make anyway! It is Mukesh’s humble stall in Aligarh raking in this gold for their uber delicious Kachoris sold through the day, from morning to night. That is definitely a whopper for a job most people would not give much importance to. But recently, Mukesh’s stall is under the tax evasion scanner. Get the story here.

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Get Your Taxes Right
It was brought to light that Mukesh Kachori’s annual turnover was about 60 lakhs and that he had evaded tax payment by an anonymous complaint. Upon investigation, this was confirmed as about 60 lakhs- 1 crore. In fact, the sales could be well over this figure too. According to Tax officials, it is the individual’s responsibility to register oneself under GST if their turnover is more than Rs 40 lakhs.  Moreover, when it comes to prepared food, an additional tax of 5% is also levied.

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Mukesh’s Take
Although under the scanner for tax evasion, Mukesh denies any misleading act on his part. In a statement to News 18, Mukesh said, ” I am not aware of all this. I have been running my shop for the past 12 years and no one ever told me that these formalities are needed. We are simple people who sell ‘kachoris’ and ‘samosas’ for a living.”

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Even the State Intelligence Bureau official handling the investigation said that Mukesh was very cooperative with the investigation and provided all details promptly.

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Although we do not in any way support tax evaders, it is perhaps a valid point to agree on that not all in the country are aware of such rules and regulation especially people who run small stalls in major cities and make a humble living. So instead of accusing them of evading tax, more awareness needs to be created abut the important regulations to avoid such hassles in future. What do you think?

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