Alu Pyaz Kachori At Agarwal Fast Food In Zaveri Bazar

by Kritika Kukreja
Alu Pyaz Kachori At Agarwal Fast Food In Zaveri Bazar

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Indulge in a street food haven at Agarwal Fast Food at Zaveri Bazar!

What Is It?

Thinking about going on a cheat day? Agarwal Fast Food at Zaveri Bazar could be your ideal location. It might be a small joint, but it prepares chatpata chaat and snacks! We recommend trying their Alu Pyaz Kachori for only ₹25! Boiled potatoes are mashed with spices and turned into balls. The balls are then put wholly inside dough balls and turned to flat. The flat dough balls with mashed potatoes mix inside and fried. Chutneys, spices, onions, and spices are poured over the dish and that’s how it’s served! Need catching up?

What Else?

Agarwal Fast Food serves a bunch of chaat and snacks too. Along with your favourite dahi puris, sev puris and chaat, they also serve the same in Jain options. The menu options here might be limited, the dishes are tasty!


Address: Agarwal Fast Food, Shop No 6 A/B, Usman Manzil, 1/3, Zaveri Bazar, Agiryari Lane, Usman Manzil, Chippi Chawl, Zaveri bazar, Mumbai – 400003
Phone: 097737 36063