Mumbai Banker Gives IMD A Run For Money With Accurate Weather Prediction; Helps Thousands Stay Safe

by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 956

Every person has a hobby and for some people, it can be an exceptional one, like weather forecasting. The Weatherman of Mumbai, who actually happens to be a banker can predict weather conditions like a pro. And his forecasts are trusted by several poeple. The weatherman with Twitter handle @RamzPuj ( name kept anonymous) does weather predictions out of sheer passion. He has been inspired by Pradeep John who also predicts weather without any official degree in meteorology and is known as the Tamil Nadu Weatherman. Through their social media posts, these weathermen predict rains, storms, etc. and help thousands and lakhs of people stay safe and alert.

Not A Degree, But A Strong Weather Sense

Speaking to The Better India, the 41-year old Weatherman of Mumbai said that he works in a Monday to Friday job, but before sleeping at night, examines the weather conditions for a couple of hours to find out what’s in store. He wakes up at 5:30 AM, refers to various weather applications, predicts the local weather conditions and shares his updates on Twitter before heading to work. Thanks to his exact predictions, many netizens eagerly look forward to his updates. Many also keep posting questions related to weather on his Twitter handle.

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Pradeep John, The Tamil Nadu Weatherman

Pradeep John, who holds degrees in Computer Science and MBA, is an amateur weather forecaster in Tamil Nadu and more than 2 lakh people trust his predictions. As reported by The Better India, he has been one of the inspirations behind Mumbai’s @RamzPuj’s hobby. This Tamil Nadu Weatherman not only puts forward weather forecasts but also tries to eliminate rumours related to Tamil Nadu cyclones.

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The quick updates of these weathermen put the predictions of IMD at a stiff competition at times.

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