7 Mumbai Breakfast Dishes We’re Missing Now

by Suchismita Pal
7 Mumbai Breakfast Dishes We’re Missing Now

Sweet were those days when we used to venture out of our homes to the bustling streets. Oftentimes, on the way to our workplaces, we gorged on diverse types of delish breakfasts on the alleys of Mumbai. Now, cocooned inside our homes for more than two months, we’re missing everything about the old times- our friends, colleagues, the sound of trains, the hawkings of the vendors and of course, the lip-smacking street foods. And here’s to remembering some iconic breakfast dishes of Mumbai to make y’all nostalgic ( and yes, hungry too)!

1. Cycle Wali Idli

Popularly known as ‘Cycle Idli Wala’ in Mumbai, this idli joint on cycle serves idly at just ₹10 per plate. And the home-made coconut chutney out here is simply irresistible. We miss how the vendor would speedily hand us a disposable plate, thrust idlis and then fill the plate with chutney. There was a special kind of joy in starting the day with these fluffy, delicious idlis.

2. Vada Pav

Whenever we were on a rush, the humble vada pav of Mumbai always used to be the answer. The thought of deep-fried potato dumpling and zesty spices stuffed inside warm and fluffy slices of bread, served with tangy red-chilli chutney is making us drool already. And vada pav is combined with piping-hot chai, meal times gets even more fun. On that note, here are 15 must-try amazing vada pav variants.

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3. Poha

Simple, delectable and healthy- these three words together aptly define the desi snack, poha. It is one of the most sought-after breakfast choices in Maharashtra. And that’s not only popular in households, but also on the streets. Standing on the street and cramming down poha served on those big plates is something that we’re craving now.

Mumbai Breakfast

4. Kheema Pav

For those who like to sit down at old Parsi cafes for a quick local breakfast, you know your love for kheema pav, for sure! The morning tea, kheema pav and newspaper, what a combination to commence a day! And here are five places that serve the best kheema pav in Mumbai.

5. Anda Bhurji

We all have a special place in our hearts for anda bhurji. This is one breakfast dish popular all over the world. Call it bhurji or scrambled eggs, having a spicy plate full of bhurji pav on the streets of Mumbai and ordering extra pav to finish up the bhurji,  is something that we adore. Wait, did you know about these 16 best egg dishes in Mumbai?

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6. Maska Pav

If you travel by train daily, then this must be your on-the-go snack. The soft maska pav is available outside almost every railway station in Mumbai.  In fact, some people reach the stations early, so they can gulp down some yummy maska pav and chai before beginning their daily hustle.

Mumbai Breakfast
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7. Samosa Pav

Who else misses teekha samosa pav with khatti meethi chutney, on the noisy Mumbai streets in the morning? We surely do!  Sharing these samosas with colleagues or friends or packing some extra samosas for others used to be part of most of our daily routines. Also, have you ever tried this cheese grilled samosa pav in Ghatkopar?

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Good days will definitely come and we’ll be able to enjoy these yummy snacks all over again. Till then, stay safe and go out responsibly! Meanwhile, allow us to take you on a virtual food-walk through the streets of Mumbai.