Mumbai Customs Seizes 9.482 kg Gold, Worth ₹5.71 Crore; 8 Arrested For Smuggling

The intricate web of smuggling operations revealed by authorities.

by Mallika Khurana
Mumbai Customs Seizes 9.482 kg Gold, Worth ₹5.71 Crore; 8 Arrested For Smuggling

In a recent development that has sent shockwaves through Mumbai’s bustling Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, authorities have made a staggering seizure of gold worth a whopping ₹5.71 crore over a span of just three days. The Mumbai Customs Commissionerate, in a statement released today, revealed the dramatic smuggling of 9.482 kilograms of gold across 14 separate cases, from April 15 to 18.

Mumbai Customs Unveils Smuggling Saga Worth ₹5.71 Crore

The statement shared by Mumbai Customs-III on X (previously known as Twitter), detailed the clandestine methods employed by smugglers to transport the precious metal. They disclosed that the gold was ingeniously concealed in a variety of ways. According to ANI reports, it included concealed clothing, on the bodies of passengers, in handbags, and even in undergarments. 

A staggering revelation emerged as eight individuals were apprehended in connection with these illicit activities. It certainly underlines the sophistication of the smuggling operations that the authorities were up against.

The inventory of seized contraband certainly paints a vivid picture of the lengths to which smugglers went to evade detection. Among the items confiscated were crude gold chains, kadas (traditional Indian bracelets), rings, and round pieces. They were all meticulously concealed within clothing and luggage.

Additionally, crude gold chains and gold plates were discovered secreted within mobile phones and garments. Perhaps most shockingly, gold dust embedded in wax was found concealed within the rectums of some individuals. Melted gold bars were also found hidden in their undergarments.

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Smugglers Resort To Unthinkable Tactics

This recent seizure follows closely on the heels of another significant bust between April 11 and 14. The Airport Commissionerate and Mumbai Customs Zone-III intercepted over 10.02 kilograms of gold valued at ₹6.03 crore across 12 separate cases. 

During this earlier operation, authorities uncovered similarly inventive smuggling techniques. It included gold dust hidden in wax and gold bars concealed in hand baggage. It also included a rhodium-plated anklet ingeniously concealed on a passenger’s body. In response to these discoveries, Mumbai Customs took swift action, resulting in the arrest of three individuals.

These back-to-back seizures certainly underscore the relentless efforts of Mumbai Customs to combat smuggling activities at one of India’s busiest airports. As authorities continue to crack down on illicit operations, the challenges posed by sophisticated smuggling tactics remain ever-present.

Cover Image Courtesy: Mumbai Customs-III/X