Reach Mumbai To Delhi Within 12 Hours By Road By 2022

Mumbai-Delhi expressway
by Kritika Kukreja
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Your Mumbai to Delhi journey will now be reduced to 12 hours with the launch of the Expressway by 2022.

What Is It?

A Mumbai to Delhi road journey can be completed in 30 hours right now, but the time will be reduced by more than half by 2022 after the launch of the Mumbai to Delhi Expressway. Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry has begun construction on the Super Expressway that will connect the major cities of India via roadway that will get you to your destination within 12 hours. Yes! Now you can beat the fastest Rajdhani express time as well. A 1410 km roadway is being built between the two major cities to reduce travel time and it will be constructed in phases.

Mumbai-Delhi expressway

Mumbai-Delhi expressway

What Are The Phases?

In the first phase, the construction of the roadway has been started from both cities. Mumbai will be connected to Vadodara while Delhi will be connected to Jaipur. The second phase will involve constructing expressways from Jaipur to Kota in Rajasthan and then from Kota to Vadodara.

More Developments

Along with reducing the travel time via road, this project aims to establish roadways with the integrity of Germany and USA. The first phase is going to begin soon, and it is expected to come up by 2022.

Mumbai-Delhi expressway to launch by 2022

Mumbai-Delhi expressway to launch by 2022


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