Mumbai Has A Private Supper Club That Brings Community Style-Dining A La Jazz Club Style

by Mallika Khurana
Mumbai Has A Private Supper Club That Brings Community Style-Dining A La Jazz Club Style

Mumbaikars, it is definitely time for you to level up your weekend plans and head to a supper club for a fancy dinner like never before! What is a supper club, you ask? A supper club is the perfect blend of private dining with all the perks of a social setting. It is catered by an expert chef, offering several courses of meals. And yes, the city now has a perfect spot to do just that. The House of Mala is nothing less than perfect and definitely ready to become your favourite place to be.

House Of Mala, Mumbai’s Special Supper Club

At House of Mala, a Sichuan Supper Club, you can savour the numbing (Ma) and spiciness (La) of Málà from Sichuan cuisine while relaxing in the warm comfort of their home every Saturday and Friday night! Yes, these flavourful nights are hosted in the exquisite setting of a home. The talented team has created a 5-course vegetarian menu that highlights the varied flavours of Sichuan and is lovingly and carefully prepared by two passionate food enthusiasts.

Their six-seater space offers a cosy dining environment where you can interact with other foodies. Imagine discovering your love for new flavours with a fellow foodie and bonding for life; what could be better than this? This Sichuan Supper Club promises to provide an unforgettable dining experience that is truly one-of-a-kind, whether you are looking for an adventurous evening of flavours or simply a cosy night out. You do not only get to engage in amazing conversations with your fellow diners but there are also some games and stories to keep things light and interesting.

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Make A Reservation For A Unique Evening

The idea of communal dining is wonderful because it brings people together to share a meal. It provides an opportunity to interact with other food lovers, meet new people, and have stimulating conversations while enjoying delectable food expertly prepared by skilled hosts. With authentic ingredients and traditional techniques, the food definitely does justice to the bold cuisine.

Their Mumbai home offers a distinctive dining experience for six people. You can either join a shared table on Fridays and Saturdays or book the table for private dining on Tuesdays and Thursdays to have a more exclusive experience. Go ahead and make a reservation right away to experience the varied flavour profiles of Sichuan cuisine and partake in an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Head to their Instagram page to learn more and make a reservation.

Where: Mumbai
When: Tuesdays & Thursdays (Private dining)
Fridays & Saturdays (Communal Dining)

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/House of Mala