Eco-Parks In J&K Emerge As Prime Tourist Destinations; Provide Livelihood To Locals

by Shreya Rathod
Eco-Parks In J&K Emerge As Prime Tourist Destinations; Provide Livelihood To Locals

In recent years, eco-tourism has gained tremendous popularity. This form of tourism has promoted responsible travel, conserving the environment and improving the quality of life for locals. In fact, J&K is emerging as an eco-tourism destination, thanks to the eco-parks in the Kamraj forest division! Here is everything you need to know about the new tourist destination.

Due To Eco-Parks, J&K Is Emerging As An Eco-Tourism Destination!

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Credits: Nagri Wari J&K Forest Department/ Facebook

A collection of ecotourism parks that are tucked away in the Kamraj forest division in the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir. They have emerged as the area’s model for sustainable growth and biodiversity preservation. These parks are created by the Forest Department under the inspiring plans of the Green India Mission and CAMPA. Additionally, they have been a resounding success, drawing a sizable influx of tourists and supplying rural communities with much-needed chances for a livelihood.

The Nagriwari Eco-Park in Hatmulla, the Kairwan Eco-Park in Dever, and the Satbaran Eco-Park in Lastiyal Kalaroose are at the head of the pack. These locations have swiftly emerged as the region’s top picks for ecotourism and biodiversity investigation. These renowned eco-parks are experiencing a dramatic uptick in activity as the summer tourism season gets underway in the Kupwara area.

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From Students To Environmentalists, Everyone Is Visiting Parks

Credits: Nagri Wari J&K Forest Department/ Facebook

According to a Hindustan Times report, every day, thousands of people, families, students, and environmentalists visit these parks in search of serenity in the cool, lush vegetation provided by the foothills of the Kamraj forest.

According to estimates from the Forest Department, 50,000 locals visit these eco-parks on average each month. They foster a vibrant ecology for more than 110 nearby rural families. Medicinal plants, decorative flora, native shrubs, and conifer trees have all been expertly manicured in Nagriwari Eco Park.

Beyond these parks, the Forest Department is dedicated to the growth of ecotourism. In order to explore the distant and unspoiled natural beauties, they have also developed a network of hiking routes. It includes the Affan-Amri, Dever, and Kailwan-Trimukhan-Top routes.

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Authorities hope that by opening up these routes, they will eventually draw both domestic and foreign tourists as well as researchers from all over the world.

Cover Image Courtesy: Nagri Wari J&K Forest Department/ Facebook