“Mumbai Is Home, But Food In Delhi Is A Little Better”: Huma Qureshi | Curly Tales

by Shreya Ghosh
“Mumbai Is Home, But Food In Delhi Is A Little Better”: Huma Qureshi | Curly Tales

There is always an ongoing battle between Delhites and Mumbaikars about so many typical things of their cities. Starting from extremely cold in Delhi to massively expensive rent in Mumbai, to Delhi ka lip-smacking street food, the citizens are always up for a discussion to choose the best city. Well, our guest on this episode of Sunday Brunch, Huma Qureshi spent her childhood in Delhi before shifting to Mumbai. And Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani left her confused asking which city has the best food. Which city did Huma choose? Let’s find it out!

Huma Qureshi Shared Her Opinion On Which City Has Better Food, Delhi Or Mumbai

Kamiya hosted a lavish Sunday Brunch with a delectable spread of tempting Indian food at Gadda Da Vida, Novotel Mumbai. While enjoying the delish dishes, Kamiya asked Huma the most difficult question, “Khaane ke mamle mein kaun jeetta hain, Mumbai ya Delhi?” (Which city wins when it comes to food, Mumbai or Delhi?). To answer this, our host had quite a diplomatic yet honest answer. “Sach baat toh yeh hai (to be honest), Mumbai is home. I cannot live in any other city in the world but Mumbai. But khaana Delhi ka thoda better hai!” (But Delhi has little better food).

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What do you think? Which city’s food do you love more, Delhi or Mumbai?

She Learnt New Mumbai Slangs & Words From Her Kaamwali Bai

Huma Qureshi
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Every city has its own special words that only people living there understand. Mumbai too has similar slangs and Huma learned quite a few of them after shifting to Mumbai. Some of the Mumbai special words that she learned here are “mhanje!”, calling people “boss”, calling women “mausi”, “aata majhi satakli”, and more.

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The Sunday Brunch episode is super entertaining with Huma sharing loads of stories about her food and travel diaries. From talking about being an ultimate foodie to sharing her childhood memories to sharing about her beautiful relationship with her father, this episode is a treat to watch. Also, to enjoy more such celebrity interviews and fun content about food and travel, make sure to subscribe to the Curly Tales YouTube channel.

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