Huma Qureshi’s Quick Fix Makeup Is Cracking The Right Foundation Shade | Curly Tales

by Suchismita Pal
Huma Qureshi’s Quick Fix Makeup Is Cracking The Right Foundation Shade | Curly Tales

Makeup hacks are something we absolutely love. And when they come from Bollywood diva Huma Qureshi, what more can we ask for? While many actresses keep these hacks secret, Huma shared a slew of beauty and makeup tips on a Sunday Brunch interview with Curly Tales Editor-in-Cheif Kamiya Jani.

Huma Qureshi Shares Makeup And Beauty Hacks

This Sunday Brunch episode with Huma Qureshi was a unique one. At first, Huma and Kamiya enjoyed cycling on the Juhu beach and then headed to Gadda Da Vida, Novotel Mumbai, to relish the brunch. Huma is a fitness enthusiast and a beauty expert too. Speaking to Kamiya, she said that, according to her, the ultimate makeup hack is to crack a nice foundation shade. And we can’t agree more with her. A foundation shade that matches exactly with our skin tone can do wonders. That’s the most important makeup product to get a flawless look.

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These Are Huma’s Makeup Essentials

Huma Qureshi
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When it comes to makeup, Huma prefers her skin to look natural. The actress doesn’t like cakey looks. Huma’s makeup essentials include a good foundation, a mattifying powder and glossy lipstick. Also, she is a fan of retro-style spidery lower lashes and loves to put on a good amount of mascara. Besides these, Huma split the tea about how she removes her makeup. She applies a balm on her face and then rubs it off with a hot towel. Huma said that with this hack, everything comes off.

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Ready to look pretty with these makeup hacks? On that note, do you also have a makeup fix? Comment below and let us know.

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