Mumbai Is Painted Pink With Rosy Trumpets Taking Over The Streets

by Tooba Shaikh
Mumbai Is Painted Pink  With Rosy Trumpets Taking Over The Streets

When you think of streets lined with trees with pink foliage, you will most likely think of a Japanese city like Tokyo, which is famous for its cherry blossom trees which bloom during the winter time. However, these photographs posted on Twitter will reveal that Japan doesn’t have a monopoly on pretty pink trees. Mumbai has recently been taken over by the rosy trumpets which are in full bloom this season.

Rosy Trumpets Paint Mumbai Pink

These aesthetically pleasing trees have been captured and posted on the Internet for everyone to admire. In a tweet thread posted by Twitter user Ujwal Puri, a number of pictures of these beautiful trees are in full bloom. The images received a lot of praise from people. The pictures reveal streets lined with pretty trees that all have pink crowns and all add to the beauty of the deserted streets.

Many responded by saying that these trees are a part of their daily commute and looking at them makes their day a bit more pleasant. We can’t blame them for feeling that way, the pictures do seem extremely pleasing.

It is also said that the blossoming of these flowers has only just begun and that they will blossom more heavily during the month of February. At that time, spotting even a speck of green in these trees becomes difficult as it is entirely blanketed with pink flowers.

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What Are These Flowers?

Rosy trumpets, also known as pink trumpets, are beautiful little flowers that bloom during the period from December to February. Their scientific names are Tabebuia Rosea and are also referred to as pink poui.

The trees bear small flowers that look like the musical instrument trumpet. Hence, they are named so. The trees are neotropical and can reach up to 30 metres in height. Most importantly, they are a treat to look at and can give Sakura or Japanese cherry blossom trees a run for their money.

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Have you ever sighted these beautiful trees in Mumbai? Let us know below where you can find them.

Cover Image Credits: Flickr